Magical Girl Buster

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JSK Studio
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I am Mia, a magical girl. I am going to destroy this town. I give you three hours to leave this town. Remain if you want to die.

Magical Girl Mia suddenly appeared and started destroying the earth. Even though the military force is powerless, a man stands up against her.

– This game is to fight an exorcist girl called “Magical Girl Mia” in a command-choosing fashion to have ecchi with her.
– There are various in-battle H scenes and four (+extra) endings.
– This game is separated into two parts:
(1) to fight Mia
(2) to fight Alpha, another side of Mia

In Game:
– The battle takes place in a command input style with a so-called “active gauge”. You will be able to use various moves as you get more gauges/power source.
– There are two modes: long-range combat and close-range combat.
– Includes cloth ripping scenes.
– You may gain “skill point” depending on how you fought. Skill points can be used for strengthening parameters and getting new skills.
– Skills are for example to get more moves, to move on to H scenes right after a counter attack, to capture etc.
– The story has 4 different endings (not incl. bad ending) that you will see each of one upon what you chose in action and conversation parts.
– Different endings have different H scenes. You can see the endings you have seen in the reminiscence mode.
– Contains many variant H scene artworks mainly in missionary sex, doggy style sex and cowgirl sex. 25+ scenes in total.
– Her clothes and lingerie can freely be put on/off during H scenes (except the endings).
– All penetrative sex scenes come with creampie. Different creampie animations for each sex positions.
– Most H scenes are with X-ray views. Can be turned on/off.


Developer: JSK Studio
Release: 03.12.2018
Last Modified: 19.01.2019
Status: Completed
Age Ratings: 18+
Series: Battle & Ero
Categorie: Action
OS Platform: Android 4.1+
Language game: English English Japanese Japanese
Language interface: English English Japanese Japanese
Features game: Music, Censored
Genres: Fighting, Hentai, Magical Girl, Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Anime, Masturbation, Romance, Sleeping, Jerk Off, Compulsion, Footjob, Cunnilingus, Magic, Blow Job, Flash


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