Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-

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I became the guardian of a slave girl had been abused by her last owner. At first things were weird. She was naturally distrusting, but through communication we became friendly. A bond formed, and we went out together. I bought her clothes, she wore them. As time passed I began to fall in love with her and she, with me.
This game is about becoming intimate with a slave girl.


Developer: FreakilyCharming
Release: 27.10.2015
Last Modified: 07.03.2018
Version: 2.2.1
Status: Completed
Age Ratings: 18+
Categorie: Simulation
OS Platform: Android 4.1+
Language game: English English
Language interface: English English
Features game: Video, Music, Censored
Genres: Hentai, Slave, Masturbation, Big Dick, Sex, Tiny Tits, Blow Job, Romance, Pure Love, Anime


3 comments on "Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-"

  1. Baron says:

    It’s good and all, but all the Dialogue isn’t in English. I’d rather would want to know what I’m about to do before I press some buttons.

  2. Ryouka says:

    For me, this game is very good. It’s either you choose to be a kind guardian or not… I recommend you to be a kind guardian to unlock other scenarios…. The issue is that it’s not fully translated in english… But that doesn’t hinder you from understanding the whole story… It’s just that the guides aren’t English translated…. But all in all, it’s loli… Be a good man and everything is alright

  3. Dood says:

    Loading takes too long cant even tell if its loading please add a loading screen i cant tell if my game crashed or it is loading

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