Kunoichi Tsubaki

Type:RPG Tags:Big Tits, Female Protagonist, Rape, Tentacles Language:English Censorship:Mosaic Platforms:Android
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In Japan’s Warring States period, demons known as “warlords” run rampant,
as they feed on the malice of humanity. The people cower in fear at the warlords’ oppression,
and impotently accept their subjugation. But there is one ray of light that strikes through the darkness. The only people with the strength to resist the warlords, are a special group of women, shrouded in secrecy. They are known only as: “Kunoichi” and they, too, are creatures of darkness.


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19 comments on "Kunoichi Tsubaki"

  1. Kisaragi says:

    How to download from your site

  2. Raaaa says:

    Please reupload the file. Its has been removed from mega

  3. oxiris says:

    reupload please

  4. oxorb says:

    File has been remove from mega , reupload please

  5. Andromeda says:

    Please fix the link

  6. Perv says:

    Nice the sound effect when they f*ck is really effective I’m so erect. Plak plak plak

  7. anony says:

    how to press a on mobile?

  8. anonymous says:

    how do you transform? dual finger opened the menu but how do i transform?

  9. Client says:

    Remove stupid ads. When I click on the download button, it tries to download an apk with trojan. Idiots.

  10. Eggo says:

    One problem in the Tutorial you can’t transform, at all.

  11. Pabgey says:

    There’s no “media”
    I only see Dropbox and gdrive

  12. Walnut says:

    Hello. Android user here. 2 fingers = menu. How do I transform? Can there be an update that allows for an on-screen controller? There is a lot of blank areas down the sides for it to work.

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