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As the only living male in Ragonia after a worldwide epidemic, Hora Machia is a true alpha male who finds himself in an enviable position where every living, breathing female longs to bed him (including the President!). The surplus of flattery and attention has made him arrogant to epic proportions though and it’s high time a strong-willed female takes him down a peg. Enter the three most popular girls from Analistica Academy. They are smoking hot and suffer no fools and the moment Hora sees them, he cannot help but lust after them. He soon discovers that these academic beauties are nowhere near as easy as all the other girls he’s managed to score since becoming a world-renowned lothario. They are, in fact, far more difficult than he anticipated. Hora must put his massive arrogance aside and do the unthinkable: he must learn to coax and woo them if he has any shot of scoring and dominating Ragonia. What follows is a comical yet sexy tale of Hora’s pursuit. Will he be able to overcome his ego and win over these ball-busters?


Developer: Epicworks, Top Hat Curios

Release: 06.04.2018

Version: 1.1.0

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Categorie: Adventure

OS Platform: Android 5.0+

Language game: English English

Language interface: English English

Features game: Music, Uncensored

Genres: Kinetic Novel, Harem, Hentai, School, Visual Novel, Comedy, Anal, Tsundere, Paizuri, Cunnilingus, Humor, Fingering, Ahegao, Milf, Big Tits, Titsfuck, RenPy


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