Fuck YaruFura ~Gakusei Suzu~

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Boy on summer vacation came to his grandmother. Going into the house he saw his cousin little sister, which grew considerably during the year and has become a pretty girl. Since they have not seen for a long time, the whole day spent together, walked and talked. At the end of the day they went swimming together, just as they did before. Undressed in the bathroom, he saw that the little sister grew breasts and looked like a juicy melons, and when she asked them to rub, it was insanely happy. During bathing they are both excited, because after it came to the room to continue the initiated sex.

Developer: Selene

Release: 27.08.2012

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Series: Fuck YaruFura

Categorie: Adventure

OS Platform: Android2.2+

Language game: Japanese Japanese

Language interface: Japanese Japanese

Features game: Music, Censored

Genres: Visual Novel, Anime, Touch, Sex, Hentai, Flash

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