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The game has the main goal to find what’s happened to our Main Character’s father, which mysteriously disappeared years before the game takes place. You will find yourself sharing your home with 3 beautiful girls, where one of them is hiding a big secret about your bloodline. You will discover many things about a dark past that will involve real and fantasy worlds, witches, demons and succubuses! You will be able to get a job, flirt with other game characters, and even having fun with them!

The Main Character in his cohabitation with other girls will be able to evolve his skill, and act differently with all NPCs during the game plot progression. Every NPC will have a status and a mood, you will be able to do some actions in relations to that. You will be able to Date, Corrupt, Help, or even become friends with NPCs. Many different things that will turn the player on are planned! Everyone will be able to find something that will trigger interest in an aspect of the game. There will be lots of ways to earn money and improve skills.


Developer: RALX Games Productions
Release: XX.XX.2021
Last Modified: 10.03.2022
Version: 084
Status: In Progress
Age Ratings: 18+
Categorie: Adventure
OS Platform: Android 5.0+
Language game: English English Italian Italian Russian Russian
Language interface: English English Italian Italian Russian Russian
Features game: Video, Uncensored, 3D
Genres: Corruption, Pregnancy, Incest, Voyeurism, Mind Control, Milf, Group Sex, Blow Job, Sleeping, Sex, Peeping, Masturbation, Jerk Off, Orgy, Anal, Footjob, Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Tribadism



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