Tsunade̻s secret FB


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Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves Tsunade Senju provides mission to his assistant Shizune, whose essence is that she finds Naruto Uzumaki and gives him a letter. Shizune could not refuse Tsunade’s request, so she had to do it. She went to the outskirts of the village, found Naruto and gave him a very unusual letter, which was in some white spots, similar to sperm, and then safely returned to work. Seeing him, Naruto immediately realized what Hokage wanted from him.

Developer: pinoytoons
Release: 03.01.2017
Status: Completed
Age Ratings: 18+
Series: Naruto
Categorie: Adventure
OS Platform: Android 4.1+
Language game: English English
Language interface: English English
Features game: Music, Uncensored
Genres: Visual Novel, Hentai, Big Tits, Futanari, Sex, Anime, Blow Job, Big Dick, Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Flash


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  1. I think I just have been told about this issue at job 2 days ago by a friend, but at that time it didnt caugh my attention.

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