Super Brick Girls

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Super Brick Girls : Exciting Arkanoid strip anime girls. By controlling ball platform destroy all the bricks on the playing field and enjoy the charming view of naked beauties.

In Game:
– 7 girls: Christina, Gelding, Yuki, Claire Kahn Khan and two more hidden.
– 4 levels of play with each girl.
– There is an opportunity during the game to take items that give additional opportunities to help in the passing level.
– There is a gallery where you can strip the open girl and enjoy her naked view.
– There is a shop where you can buy gold for additional features and enhancements, as well as discover the characters for the game gelding and Yuki. More in the shop you can buy for real money, diamonds, for which you can buy gold, hearts and open the two characters for the game and Claire Kahn Khan.

Hearts – is an additional attempt, not life! To restart a heart you have to wait 10 minutes.

In the store you can buy:
Ball Power – Increases the destruction of the ball.
Bigger Ball – Permanently increases the size of the ball (purchased 1 times).
Bar Length – Increases the length of a platform.
Gain Time – Increases the maximum amount of time.
Blast Shot – A powerful destructive shot, which can destroy the bricks (used by a player during a game).
Revival – You could say that it is extra life, because if you miss the ball, you will not lose, and continue to play with the same space with a new ball (used automatically during the game).
Heart Genesis – Reduces the renewal of hearts for 30 seconds.
Heart Max Up – Increases the maximum number of hearts.

Items that can be taken during the game:
Shield – Creates less manageable platform wall of blocks, each of which can withstand a single blow of the ball, if you miss it.
Green down arrow – Reduce the speed of the ball.
Red arrow up – Increases the speed of the ball.
Hourglass – Increase game time.
Two balls – Separates the ball in two, in the case of missing one of the ball you do not lose. If you take it when you have on the board already has two balls, it again will split the ball in half and you will have 4 balls, and so on.
Blue stick up (bullet) – The platform automatically shoots 10 times. If you take this thing when you have not finished the shots, then their number will be increased by another 10.
Heart – Gives another heart (additional attempt).
Gold – Adds gold, for which you can purchase additional features and improvements in the store.

For you to be able to install this game, you need to enable (allow) the installation of applications from unknown sources (Unknown sources) in your phone settings. Usually the item is in the Security section.

  • Type:Action
  • Tags:Stripping
  • Language:English
  • Censorship:Censored
  • Platforms:Android 2.2+


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