Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition

Final 1.4.6
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Final 1.4.6
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Figurative tail tucked between his legs, the protagonist abandoned the city for his hometown, his dreams broken. Luckily, he was comforted by four girls from childhood… but while it’s good to see them – and live with them! – something’s weird. The girls have actual tails, and furry ears like spirit animals.

Create a harem with these four youkai-like girls in a slow-life ADV game with fast-and-intense erotica!

Other title: Kemomimi Harem Vacation ~Inaka de Nonbiri Mofumofu Kemonomimi Shoujo-tachi to Kozukuri Zanmai~
Developer: Norn, Miel, Cybele
Release: 29.07.2016
Version: Final 1.4.6
Status: Completed
Age Ratings: 18+
Series: Wild Romance
Categorie: Adventure
OS Platform: Android 5.0+
Language game: English English Spanish Spanish
Language interface: English English Spanish Spanish
Language voice: Japanese Japanese
Features game: Voice, Music, Censored
Genres: Visual Novel, Harem, Monster Girl, Hentai, Romance, Anime, Cosplay, Orgy, Sex, Big Tits, Masturbation, Blow Job, Youkai, Group Sex, Paizuri, Humor, RenPy


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