Oba-sans Saga

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A simple RPG with a straightforward story and easy-to-find H scenes. Includes a gallery mode where you can watch all the scenes you’ve unlocked. Requires 2~3 hours to complete. Though this is not an NTR-focused work, some scenes technically do count, so please be aware! Also includes body odor and pregnancy.

In Game:
– 30 H scenes
– 10 character pose arts
– 40 base CGs
– 600 variations
– 42 H scenes
– Resolution: 1024×768

Cancel / Go back
– In order to cancel the action or go back, you need to press and hold on the screen with one finger, then with the second finger you need to click on the screen.

How to go to the menu?
– In order to go to the game menu on the map, you need to do the same actions as for Cancel.


Release: 18.07.2020

Last Modified: 23.10.2020

Version: 1.30

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Categorie: Role-Playing

OS Platform: Android 5.0+

Language game: English English

Language interface: English English

Features game: Music, Censored

Genres: RPG, Fantasy, Open World, Turn-Based Combat, Harem, Incest, Mom-Son, Milf, Big Tits, Lactation, Fetish, Cosplay, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Titsfuck, BBW, Cunnilingus, Group Sex, Monsters, Paizuri, Exhibitionism, Jerk Off, Pregnancy, Blow Job, Fisting, Sex, Cheating, Monster Girl, Impregnation, Rape, Mature Woman, Chubby, Plump, Slut, RPG Maker



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