Lilith in Nightmare!

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Experience the thrill of being drained to the last drop in stunning animation! Enter a world of dreams with our Hentai Sex Battle RPG! Choose your player character, whether a male hero or a female FUTA with a large member.

– All characters are animated! Enjoy Animated BattleFuck fun!
– Choose the gender of your player character (protagonist). Depending on your choice, their are some subtle differences in the game!

Defeat Scenes:
What battle fuck game wouldn’t come complete with a array of violation awaiting you upon defeat! Enjoy the thorough nature of your use and abuse.

Drain Events:
Ready to get sucked dry…? Of your levels? Of your money? Of your…? Despair. You cannot do anything. It will be taken from you…

Action RPG:
Level up, defeat monster, gather equipment, the usual stuff. Use magic, place exploding traps, throw rotten oranges and pianos… Attack NPCs, retaliation… the not so usual stuff.

In Game:
Plenty more features to make you game play experience nice and comfy! (voices on / off, displaying pose art, auto mode, skipping text, etc.).

In order for your character to attack enemies while moving, you need to enable Start SU Sub sonic. To do this, go to the game menu. Then select Item -> Other -> Start SU Sub sonic. To disable automatic attack, select Stop SU Sub sonic.

To get the Start SU Sub sonic item, you need to complete Opening!

Cancel / Go back
– In order to cancel the action or go back, you need to press and hold on the screen with one finger, then with the second finger you need to click on the screen.

How to go to the menu?
– In order to go to the game menu on the map, you need to do the same actions as for Cancel / Go back (described above).

Developer: circle-tekua

Release: 25.12.2019

Last Modified: 23.12.2020

Version: 3.1

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Categorie: Role-Playing

OS Platform: Android 5.0+

Language game: English English

Language interface: English English

Language voice: Japanese Japanese

Features game: Video, Voice, Music, Censored

Genres: RPG, Fantasy, Hentai, Turn-Based Combat, Sex, Anime, Harem, Paizuri, Big Tits, Futanari, Small Dick, Blow Job, Rape, Ahegao, Monster Girl, Anal, Voyeurism, Tiny Tits, Lactation, Group Sex, Fetish, Jerk Off, Footjob, Sex Toys, Strapon, Titsfuck, Cunnilingus, Succubus, Seduction, Fisting, Masturbation, Moe, Demons, Reverse Rape, Dirty Talk, Nekomimi, Loli, Small Tits, TRPG, RPG Maker



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