Erected City: The Game

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Private investigator Mia Kowalski has some special mental trait. Sometimes she sees and feels a huge penis appears between her legs. It also making her uncontrollable horny. And since Detective Kowalski likes adventure, sex and alcohol more than anything in the world, hallucinations happen more often. It is affecting her detective work in a bad way.

After the last incident Kowalski has lost her private investigator license. Now Mia needs to pass the interview with a beautiful psychiatrist and convince her to issue an opinion about Kowalski’s complete mental health. This is the only way for Detective to come back to the the vortex of dangerous and mysterious investigations, intriguing events and wild sex.

In Game:
– 51 interactive sex scenes where you need to use your finger to move animation
– 56 looped sex videos
– 3 fully sounded orgasmic videos

Developer: Smerinka

Release: 22.11.2018

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Categorie: Simulation

OS Platform: Android 4.0+

Language game: English English

Language interface: English English

Features game: Video, Music, Uncensored, 3D

Genres: Futanari, Big Dick, Anal, Big Tits, Sex, Blow Job, Oral Sex, Footjob, Jerk Off, Sex Toys, HTML5


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