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Long ago, the gods sealed the greater part of his forces descended from heaven to the human world, and began to live like ordinary people. They began to create a family, the so-called clans, where they had their elected people. These people, they gave their blessing, which granted them a certain force with which they can fight monsters. Our hero is a young adventurer named Bell went to the big city Orario, since there is a huge cave, where adventurers fight monsters to become an adventurer. In it, he found the goddess Hestia, and received a blessing from her, becoming a step closer to the realization of his dream to become a hero.

In Game:
– 10 dungeon levels, each level crouches many different exciting missions. Completing missions you get a certain reward – money (Valis) or things (artifacts).
– A huge number of enemies – conventional and bosses who represent a nice little monsters girls.
– More than 11 skills and abilities of the character.
– 5 main types of artifacts: swords, shields, armor, gloves, necklaces + various elixirs. Apart from the usual artifacts have artifacts which give different bonuses and a lot of them.
– It is possible to find artifacts in the cave, and sometimes they fall out of enemies.
– There is an opportunity to buy and sell the artifacts in the shop.
– There is a gallery of 19 images hentai (unlocked as you progress through the game).
– There is auto-save.

Developer: Atelier Kurimami
Release: 15.09.2015
Last Modified: 04.10.2016
Version: 1.0
Status: Completed
Age Ratings: 18+
Series: Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka
Categorie: Role-Playing
OS Platform: Android 4.0+
Language game: English English
Features game: Music, Censored
Genres: RPG, Anime, Fantasy, Turn-Based Combat, Big Tits, Monster Girl, Hentai, Tentacle, Sex, Tiny Tits, Erotic, Parody


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